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How to embed social media feed on website?

You can have a lovely Instagram profile and you might want to drive your website traffic to your Instagram account. Yet, if you are looking for something that combines multiple account feeds and a hashtag feed things gets harder. Same problem applies for Twitter as well. How wonderful would it be if you had a […]

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Interactive Screen App is now on Android!

Interacitve Screen App is a platform to display social media posts on your event screen. Interactive Screen App has a responsive design that makes it easy for moderators on field to approve or delete posts from their mobile devices, however with the Android app that we are launching today everything will be much more easier. […]

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Introducing the Interactive Screen App API

Interactive Screen App works on a web browser to make a social media slideshow on your screen. It can be used on many devices that has a browser and an internet connection, this way there are endless capabilities and application areas that you can easily integrate a live social media stream. Displaying a live social […]


Celebrate Christmas with Interactive Screen App

Hashtags are the most popular trend nowadays. Whether it is your personal account or a professional one, you can do so much with the help of hashtags on social media sites. Interactive Screen app will help you with your marketing strategies and even help your product and business gain popularity and reach the heights that […]

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How To Make Your Next Sporting Event An Amazing Success

Nothing beats the atmosphere of the stadium during a live ball game! The smell of the hot dogs, nachos, beer, and the enthusiasm of the fans. You want your next sporting event to dazzle, to shine, don’t you? Team spirit is one of the most important things to having a ball game. The scoreboard is […]

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Why Your Next Concert Needs A Live Media Social Wall

You’ve finally done what you set out to do in life. You made a lot of music, released it in albums worldwide, and gained a fan gathering that is so large you can actually see it on a satellite from space. But the big tour starts next week and you want to do something new, […]

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Tweet to Screen For Business Promotion

You’ve got a successful business, but you realize it could do better. Business has been good, but advertising takes time and reaching out to more customers is what your business truly needs. If this is what you are thinking, you may also be wondering how it is possible to get the word out fast. A […]

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Instagram Your Wedding The Easy Way!

Everyone needs a wedding photographer but a high percentage of photos are taken by smartphones today. It is because of this modern phenomenon that having an Instagram for your wedding is the best choice you can make. People use custom hashtags, a type of metadata, to make it possible to group messages of the same […]

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What is Interactive Screen App?

How would you like to take your business conference or sporting event to the next level of functionality? If speaking in front of a crowd of people is something you do regularly or something you know you will have to do soon, why not enhance the entire experience of your interaction with your audience? Introducing […]

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Interactive Screen App is Live!!

We are proud to announce that our application is live! You can start using our Interactive Screen app in your events to boost your audience interactivity and event awareness on social media. Feel free to contact us for details.