General Questions

What is Interactive Screen App?

Why use Interactive Screen App?

How to use Interactive Screen App?

How do you remove the logo on the free version?

Will my mobile phone and tablet be able to run the platform?

Do you have a Mobile app for the Interactive Screen App?

How many social media platforms am I able to use with one credit?

How do I get the information I collected after the event?

What happens when I run out of time?

Can I stop the show in the middle?

Are you storing the Tweets and photos from Instagram?

Can other people moderate my event?

How much does the service cost?

Can I use multiple screens?

Can I display Twitter videos?

Troubleshooting – The Backend/Dashboard

What browsers do you recommend?

How many platforms can I use at a time?

How many hashtags can I use in an event?

What is the best file formats to use for pictures on the platform?

What tools or equipment do I need to run the slide show?

How do I make the slideshow into full screen?

How come my tweets and photos are not showing up?

Can I remove a photo or tweet that doesn’t belong in my show?

Can I put advertisements in my slide shows?

How many hashtags am I able to use with one credit?

How do I buy new credits?