Customizable Design

User-friendly customization panel lets you change position of each post element on screen, color of texts, font types, and font sizes from the admin panel. You can upload your background image, select a variety of different themes and transition animations, as well as animation speed.

Runs on Web Browser

Our app doesn't require any third party app to install on your devices so you can access the app on any device anywhere. You can simply use any web browser to run the show.

Easy Moderation for Mobile Devices

Interactive Screen App Android application makes it very easy to moderate posts from your mobile device

API for Software Integrations

Interactive Screen App offers a well documented and easy to implement API. You can integrate Interactive Screen App API into your softwares.

Collect the Media

Collect and save all the image media published in your event. This great feature will benefit after event applications.

Monitor Posts Before Displaying

Unfortunately there are spammer and abusive people all around the social media. We also hate them but optionally you can monitor the posts before displaying them on your event screen.

Display Custom Content

You can upload and display custom media content between posts. These advertisements can be customized with a great variety of options including how many ads to show in a row, how frequently show the ads, and all the other designing options.

Increase Event Popularity

Increase your event popularity by pushing audience to post on social media using your brand hashtags. While your audience interacts with the app they also promote your event.

Complete Google Font Library

Having more than 600 fonts Google Font Library is one of the largest font library on the internet. You can select any font from Google Font Library.

Play Videos

Videos are a great way to share moments and your audience will want to share videos for sure. Play Videos on your live screen.

Multiple Event Managers

Nobody wants to work alone, especially on event business. Distribute workload and add all your staff to make event settings and moderate posts.

Multiple Event Screens

Show same social media feed on different screens with different settings. You can set completely unique design for each of your event screens.