How to embed social media feed on website?

You can have a lovely Instagram profile and you might want to drive your website traffic to your Instagram account. Yet, if you are looking for something that combines multiple account feeds and a hashtag feed things gets harder. Same problem applies for Twitter as well. How wonderful would it be if you had a single source to aggregate them all together in one place?

isapp website embed

Interactive Screen App uses social media API and collects posts with a hashtag search or by searching posts from a profile. Today we released website embedding feature so you can easily integrate Interactive Screen App into your website. Under “Screen Settings” you will see “Get Embed Code” button to generate the code snippet that you can copy and paste anywhere in your website. It can work on any CMS including WordPress and Joomla websites. Because it uses asynchronous JavaScript codes you can feed confident using on your website without getting any JavaScript errors. It is also fully responsive, this means it will not mess your website for mobile visitors.

Interactive Screen App also allows you to moderate the posts that you want to show on your website, so you can avoid spam content to be shown on your website. You can try embedding Interactive Screen App website embed for free. Start your free trial here.

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