Interactive Screen App is now on Android!

Interacitve Screen App is a platform to display social media posts on your event screen. Interactive Screen App has a responsive design that makes it easy for moderators on field to approve or delete posts from their mobile devices, however with the Android app that we are launching today everything will be much more easier.

the new android app

Interactive Screen App offers turbo boosted performance for mobile phones and it has modern swiping gestures to improve user experience.

swipe posts android

You can refresh posts by pulling the screen down, swipe the posts left and right to change their status. You will be amazed how this app makes it easy to moderating your live social media screen. While you are using the Interactive Screen App you will see posts from different social media streams will flow into your mobile phone’s screen, and you will be able to approve or delete them by a single swipe. That easy! Once the posts approved your live Social Media wall will display the posts you just approved.

display what is important

You can install the Interactive Screen App from Google Play.

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